Why you should take part in Cowes Week

Cowes Week Sailing

What is Cowes Week?

Cowes Week is a seven day sailing regatta taking place on the south coast’s stunning Solent, just a short sail from our base in Port Hamble Marina.  It is the highlight of the British sailing season, as Wimbledon and Henley regatta are to tennis and rowing! 

The regatta takes place in July and August and attracts around 1,000 yachts, 8,000 competitors and over 100,000 spectators, making Cowes Week the largest sailing regatta in Europe and one of the largest annual sporting events in the UK.

When is Cowes Week 2024?

Cowes Week 2024 is due to take place from 27th July – 2nd August.

What does a typical day look like at Cowes Week?

Subject to the weather, racing kicks off at approx. 10:30am each day and can last up to four hours. After the races have finished, teams generally head ashore in Cowes to enjoy the end of race activities, live music and buzzing atmosphere.

How can I take part?

Book a 2-day charter on board one of our large fleet of yachts from just £975 for a 1 day sail, or for a full weekend or mid week experience from £1,869.

Choose from one of our Oceanis 37s, or for a more luxurious experience on the water, our Dufour 430, Dufour 460 or Oceanis 46.1. Berthing is free each evening back in Port Hamble Marina where you’ll be able to enjoy food and drinks at Banana Wharf and freshen up in the on site showers.

I can’t sail through the week – is there anything else I can take part in?

Yes! The Weekend Warriors Cup for Club Cruisers.

The ‘mini- series’ will take place over the first weekend of the popular sailing event from Saturday 27th – Monday 29th July and is the perfect event for those who can’t commit to a whole week of sailing.

Charter one of our Oceanis 37s from the afternoon of Friday 26th July until the evening of Sunday 29th. Last year’s winner was one of our customers, so our yachts have a 100% success record! 

Is there a Ladies Day at Cowes Week?

Yes there is. Tuesday 31st July is all about celebrating the awesome women of sailing at Cowes Week!

Did you know that about 30% of the racers at Cowes Week are women? That’s pretty impressive, and we’re all about cheering on that growing number! We want to keep that momentum going strong and encourage ladies of all ages to get in on the sailing action, whether they’re out on the water, behind the scenes organizing, or managing the racecourse.

Are there any other activities that happen while the Cowes Week regatta is on? 

Cowes itself is well worth exploring while the regatta is on, as many spectators head to the High Street and beyond. Enjoy the live music, bars, food stalls and pop-up retail stands taking over this quaint coastal sailing hub!

Our team have spent a lot of time over in Cowes, so speak to us to find out the best places to pay a visit to.

5 great reasons to take part in Cowes Week 

  1. Legendary Vibes: Imagine being part of something that’s been going on since 1826! Cowes Week is steeped in history and it’s known as Europe’s biggest and fanciest sailing shindig. Rub elbows with sailing legends and feel like royalty yourself!

  2. Heart-Pounding Racing: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, Cowes Week racing is next level. Picture over 1,000 boats and 8,000 folks battling it out on the waves. It’s intense, it’s thrilling, and it’s an experience you won’t forget. 

  3. Epic Views for Everyone: Even if you’re not into sailing, Cowes Week is still a sight to behold. People flock to the Isle of Wight just to watch the colourful sails dancing on the water against the Solent backdrop. 

  4. Enjoy the local restaurants and bars: Cowes is teeming with great restaurants and lively bars, perfect for an after sail bite to eat and a few celebratory beers! Our favourites are Coast, where you’re guaranteed a delicious, juicy steak, or if you’re looking for something a bit different, head to Call It What You Want for some tasty Creole and Cajun fare.

  5. Party Time, Sailor Style: Brace yourself for a week of non-stop fun. There are yacht club soirees, post-race bashes, and all sorts of festivities happening day and night. Picture yourself sipping cocktails as the sun sets over the harbour or busting a move at one of the legendary parties.

Find out more

To find out more about chartering one of our yachts for this year’s event, contact our team today on 02380 457023 or email info@fariviewsailing.co.u

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